About Shilo

“My passion is photography. I see the world through the lens of a camera.”

“Thank you to my amazing and quite often irritating husband Jody, for supporting all my crazy ideas but, most of all for supporting me while I pursue my photography.”

I love what I do. I never dreamed I would grow up and get paid to do what I love – take pictures. I love every aspect of taking peoples pictures. I get to meet new people and capture some of their most memorable moments in life for them to have forever. My favorite part is when I get to be there the first time they see their photo’s. The look on a parents face when they see photos of their newborn baby, a couple that stole a moment at their wedding and thought nobody saw until they see I captured it for them to have forever, or just a day in the park with a family interacting.

A little more about me… I have 3 daughters, one son, an amazing husband, and soon a son in law. When I am not on location shooting I can probably be found at a ball field shooting my son, with my Yorkie, Campbell in tow. Our family lives in Effingham county.

  • I service Beaufort, Hilton Head, Savannah, Ft. Stewart, Hinesville, Brunswick and surrounding areas.
  • I also offer a Military discount.

Shilo Foreman